Effortless Sound

I don’t know about you, but for me gadget has been always associated with men and their hobbies. While for us girls, dealing with just one smartphone’s already given us a bit hard time. However all that have changed when I was being introduced to this sophisticated FREEme bluetooth speaker from Pioneer. Not only it comes with a very stylish product design but also with less complexity to use. In fact, I love how easy and convenient to listen to my favorite tunes whenever I want with this compact speaker for 7-hours playback between charges. With only an effortless Bluetooth one-touch pairing, I’m slightly surrounded with 360° high quality sound of my favorite tunes.  And on top of that, I really dig its sophisticated sleek design finished in genuine leather. This literally defines what so-called "surround yourself with music and style".






At A Glance

Let's be a believer, not a doubter.

GN 2

GN 3

GN 4

GN 1

GN 5
wearing fringe detailed top & cropped pants-Pasar Senen, platform sandals-Vintage at Linea


Stand Firm

It's only a day away to the New Year. Take time to reflect and recognize the transition you have made within this year. I believe every experiences we have had, has lead us to become a much better person.
It's such a great timing to take the next step and go further. Let's start courageously enough to keep moving forward. Because all those exciting possibilities and challenges await us and everything is possible if we believe it to be.

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T5 - Copy 1
wearing boxy top-H&M, tailored pants-B/I/N/C/A, platform sandals-Vintage at Linea


Time For A Wardrobe Makeover

You know those moments when your wardrobe is full of clothes yet you feel like you have nothing to wear? There’s nothing wrong about it. You might just need to start trickling into your outfits and thinking about the sartorial changes. What makes an outfit stands out is not only the way you style it, you also have to know what you’re comfortable in. And while you’re trying to figure out your own way of what you like best on yourself, I would like to recommend you to go through Lazada Indonesia. I was recently being introduced to Lazada Fashion a few weeks a go in a fun Blogger Gathering with Anne-Marie Bodal, the fabulous Creative Director behind Lazada's own fashion brand, and furthermore the excitements continued when I got to see LZD Premium fashion show in Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. Surprisingly I find Lazada Fashion is literally a one-stop source for your wardrobe makeover at your fingertips. It offers all investment-worthy pieces you need from head-to-toe which also comes with an unlimited array of styling options. All you need to do is feel confident in your personal style to make those stunners work for the everyday.











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Happy shopping all.


Weekend Breaks

Who doesn't love the weekends? It has its own way to bring simple pleasure for everyone, assuring that after five long days full of work you get to have your free day doing things you like the most.  For me, I would love to spend mine with exploring different new sites in the city or maybe going out-of-town and just might be inspired with the surroundings.
And of course when doing all that, having a smartphone with a great camera is definitely a must. Luckily, I could find them on my Lenovo S850. The best part of it is the 13-megapixel main camera, with autofocus and LED flash and 5-megapixel front camera, fixed-focus and wide-angle. Not forget to mention, it has also 16GB internal storage, so you might not need to worry when snapping more pictures. Literally a perfect companion to take pictures of anything I find interesting.

LN1 - Copy

LN5 - Copy



wearing basic top-Pasar Senen, asymmetric cullote-Danjyo Hiyoji, slip on-ZARA, acrylic necklace-KLAR, watch-Daniel Wellington
Here's a handful of snapshots I took with this Lenovo S850 and check out those amazing actual image quality.