Blast From The Past Was Truly A Blast | by Heidy

Mission accomplished girls!
Yesterday, one of my besties, Moniq was succeed in facing her thesis examination. Congrats for getting straight A!

And afterwards, we then hold our “Blast from the Past” garage sale in front of our campus Unpar. Anyway, we never thought that it will succeed.

P.S It's really flattered me when Carl was stopping by.
Sorry, for not spending time with you these several days C.

So, don't forget to check out our next “Blast from the Past”,OK!
But, in a mean time, I still have to struggle with my “thesis” thing. Please help me Lord!

Yesterday’s outfit :
Dark blue cropped blazer : Pasar Senen Rp. 5.000 (less than $1)
Yellow shirt : Pasar gedebage Rp. 10.000 ($1)
Faded bermuda jeans : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 15.000 (less than $2)
Belt : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 10.000 ($1)
Lime green necklace : Malioboro Yogya Rp.25.000 (about $3)
Bangles : Pasar Asemka Rp.10.000 each ($1)
Sandals : Bellagio

I can tell that yesterday me and my besties really did great job!


Calling out | by Heidy

Be there. Because you'll never know what you'll get there.