Remind & Remember

Seems my new current job (still at the same field actually, only different place) kind of keeping me really really busy. Well, you know what they say, "when you get some then you'll lose some". But personally, I think I'm just in my moment of transition for it would take a while to adjust.
Anyway, here's to refresh your mind about RAOUL Styling Competition and also LOOKBOOK Night which were held about two weeks ago.

RAOUL Styling Competition at RAOUL Senayan City,

LOOKBOOK Night at Canteen Plaza Indonesia,

Another reminder, voting will be ended on October 12th , which is on this Thursday. Simply click this link or when you happen to be around Senayan City, come by at RAOUL store and vote directly at the cashier. 
Any votes would be superb!

3 comment(s):

ARIO ACHDA said...

heidy, aku blum sempat ke sencyyyy! aku vote dr link fb aja ga boleh kah???btw makasih ya sekali lagi kak heidy ku udah mau dtg k lookbook night. maaf sekali maish banyak kurang dan ketidaknyamanan. >.<
i really appriciate it!

Aulia Rahmani Soendoro said...

I love your lookbook :) I just voted it.

Olivia said...

lovely sweater :)